Aircraft Management

We are your Flight Department

AirOp Aviation makes owning an aircraft simple. Our “One Stop Single Window” provides maintenance oversight, aircraft management, flight crew selection and standardization, D.G.C.A regulatory compliance, post flight document preservation, crew scheduling, flight following and charter sales by aviation professionals who have vast experience in the sector. One of the greatest benefits in tying up with our company is the reduction in your overheads as our office personnel is shared with other companies as well so the costs of ground operational and administrative staff is minimised.

Do you need qualified Flying Crew or Technical Staff?

If your flight operations require qualified flight crew and technical staff for most commercial aircraft, we would be able to work this out for you.

Just Call To Fly

We give the owner the luxury of placing just one call to our operations center to arrange a flight or learn anything they want to know about their aircraft or the route being flown. We will be able to schedule flights, transportation, make hotel reservations or any special requests nothing being too farfetched to ask of us.

Your Time is Precious

Without the burden of administrative, operational and human resource issues you can devote your time to your core business without the hassle of managing your aircraft and complying with the regulatory authority. We with our aviation expertise will see to every detail, so that you will have an aviation department that will be envied.

We Take Care Of All Your Operational Details

With the AirOp Aviation, "One Stop Single Window Management Company", your aircraft will fly, efficiently, safely and cost-effectively wherever and whenever you want it to with the help of our team of aviation experts.