Technical Consultancy Services

With our Aviation Management Service, we are committed to quality, performance & deliverability. We are known for our results when it comes to delivering within given timelines. We undertake consultancy services of varied nature in the aviation industry. We are constantly adapting and aligning ourselves so that we are in sync with our clients’ needs, aviation trends and regulatory requirements so that we can provide customized solutions that meet our client expectations.

Our most recent project saw us partnered with Collaborate Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to provide technical consultancy & support for Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) initiated project of eGovernance for Civil Aviation (eGCA) which include: -

  • Updation and preparation of System Required Specification (SRS) documents.
  • Validation of the documents with sign off for 3 Directorate: -
    • Aerodrome Standards Directorate
    • Flight Standards Directorate
    • Directorate of Training and Licensing

This project of eGovernance for Civil Aviation (eGCA) was initiated by DGCA. This would facilitate DGCA with automation of online services on the systems and processes to enhance the productivity, quality of service and effectiveness.

Our Services Include

Technical Study for Building Height Benefit

Liaison with Airports Authority of India for NOC filing and follow-up. Providing technical support and study for NOC appeal cases for additional height.

Aerodrome Planning, Design & Development

We have a range of skills and key insights into the design of airport infrastructure including both air side and passenger terminals. The appropriate, relevant regulatory requirements and international design standards are commonly adopted to be implemented in our designs. Our Team has vast experience and exposure along with wide spread recognition (Industry and ICAO) in Aerodrome Design, Operations and Certification.

Heliport Planning, Design & Development

We have developed a niche capability in planning and design of heliports, elevated helipads and offshore helicopter facilities, including planning for all related facilities, markings, lighting and fire-fighting equipment. We have the expertise and skills to site, plan and construct a helipads based on the relevant countries regulations and international standards.

Helideck Planning, Design & Inspection

Operational safety is the primary consideration in any Helideck operation, and these safety issues not only includes landing area size and obstructions, but also Crew training, turbulence criteria and marking/lighting. We can help you verify that your helideck facilities meet the DGCA CAR (Civil Aviation Requirements) as prescribed in Section-4, AERODROME STANDARDS AND LICENSING SERIES ‘B’, PART III or international standards, including UK CAA CAP 437 and CAAP 92-4(0) along with the standard documentation issued in ICAO Annex 14 Vol II:

  • Helideck surface, dimensions, markings and lighting.
  • General arrangements, including structures and support equipment.
  • Obstruction environment, including markings and lighting arrangements.
  • Emergency, rescue and fire-fighting facilities, equipment and procedures.
  • Operational staff arrangements, including HLO, Helideck Assistants, Fire Team and Refuelling Party.
  • Operations support, including radio and meteorology facilities.
  • Miscellaneous helicopter operational requirements.
  • Carry out a detailed survey of the area to establish Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS)
  • Aviation Safety Audit – which includes Risk Management, Risk Assessment and Systems Analysis.
  • Helideck Inspection, Design Support & Assessment
  • Friction Tests

Aerodrome Electrical, Lighting and PAPI Sighting Consultancy Service

We possess a comprehensive knowledge of airport lighting components, we can provide an independent perspective of your options and recommend the solution that is best for an airfield. With our understanding of airport regulations and the constraints that apply to work being undertaken on an operational airfield, allows us to successfully integrate the installation work with airport operations. We are capable of providing a range of services including project management& design of turnkey systems. We are uncompromising in our quality and safety first approach to airport lighting, electrical and PAPI siting service.

Aerodrome Marking And Painting Service

Out team consist of professionals and knowledgeable people with years of experience in the layout, painting on runways, taxiways, and all other areas of an airport. Our Team has been responsible for the auditing and certification of Airports electrical, lighting, markings and other safety factors.

Safety Management System Establishment And Safety Risk Assessment

Safety Management System is a comprehensive system designed to manage safety elements in the workplace. A systematic, periodic and objective evaluation of safety performances of an organization with the aim to help safeguard the human and company assets by facilitating management control of safety, health and environmental practices by assessing compliance with established safety standards/legal requirements of the contracting state. Risk Assessment is performed to determine the magnitude of risk and to establish whether measures are needed to contain it within defined limits. Risk Assessment does not represent an end in itself, but should contribute to controlling risks to an acceptable or tolerable level.

With our team of virtuosos in the field we can devise and help implement tailored made Safety Management Systems and Risk Assessment tools to help maintain the highest level of safety standards.

AirOp Aviation Management Service were subcontracted for Consultancy services by The Galfar Engineering & Contracting SAOG (Main Contractor – 5 - for project Development of Salalah International Airport, Salalah, Sultanate of Oman):

  • For the preparation of Safety Risk Assessment for new runway lights deviation
  • To provide Third party opinion on new Runway Surface Texture & Friction - design value non compliance/deviation.
  • To provide Third party opinion on new Runway Surface evenness - design value non compliance/deviation.
  • To provide Third party opinion on new Runway Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI - siting) and MEHT for aeronautical study requirement.