Operational safety is the primary consideration in any Helideck operation, and these safety issues not only includes landing area size and obstructions, turbulence criteria and marking/lighting, but also Helideck Crew training. We can help you verify that your helideck facilities meet the DGCA CAR (Civil Aviation Requirements) as prescribed in Section-4, AERODROME STANDARDS AND LICENSING SERIES ‘B’, PART III or international standards, including UK CAA CAP 437 long with the standard documentation issued in ICAO Annex 14 Vol II: on:

  • Helideck surface, markings and lighting.
  • General arrangements, including structures and support equipment.
  • Obstruction environment, including markings and lighting arrangements.
  • Emergency, rescue and fire-fighting facilities, equipment and procedures.
  • Operational staff arrangements, including HLO, Helideck Assistants, Fire Team and Refuelling Party.
  • Operations support, including radio and meteorology facilities.
  • Miscellaneous helicopter operational requirements.
  • Carry out a detailed survey of the area to establish Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS)
  • Aviation Safety Audit – which includes Risk Management, Risk Assessment and Systems Analysis.
  • Helideck Inspection, Design Support & Assessment
  • Friction Tests